How to Dry and Cure Cannabis

You may be wondering how to turn those beautiful, healthy plants into usable marijuana if you’re growing cannabis. This is where curing and drying your cannabis comes in. Drying simply refers to the process of airing your buds out after you’ve harvested them to remove a majority of the moisture, while curing is the process where you completely dry the buds out to improve the flavor and aroma. If you want to know how it’s done, you’re in the right place!

1. Hang your buds upside down from string or wire. Do this in a room where you can limit the amount of light, and control the temperature and humidity (a basement or windowless attic is ideal). Set your string or wire up off of the ground and hang the branches up by tying them with string or clothespins.

Hanging the buds upside down will trick the plant into thinking it’s still alive, since the juices inside of the buds won’t drain out where you clipped the branch. That way, the buds will stay healthy!

It’s key to maintain a soft airflow wherever you’re drying the buds. You can do this by running the “fan” setting on your home thermostat, or setting a desk fan on the lowest setting and pointing it at the ceiling of the room.

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