7 Tips for Outdoor Cannabis Home Grow

You just got home from the dispensary with your new clone. Now what? How much should you water it? How much light should it get? When should you transplant it? What about the seeds that you have? What the heck do you do with those?! Our Senior Cultivation Manager, Seth Gillim, has 20 years of agriculture experience under his belt and has spent two years with CVD, perfecting our successful cultivars’ growing method. Let’s start things off easy: here are seven tips from Seth to help you get started on your outdoor home grow.

1. Choose your genetics wisely.

If you’re going to be growing outside in Vermont, a Sativa that takes 10 or 11 weeks to finish isn’t the right choice. Consider fast-finishing cultivars or autoflowers.

2. Start your seeds yesterday.

I am a huge believer in starting seeds early. It’s rarely a good idea to put your plants outside before they are ready, so the earlier you can get them going, the better. There are a million different seed germinating techniques, but I like to keep it simple. A few rules of thumb:

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