10 Tips and Tricks for Growing Weed Indoors

1.) Avoid Certain LED Grow Lights

The state of LED grow light technology is improving rapidly, maybe even faster than ever. As a result, some of the best LED companies from just a few years ago are getting left behind while new companies produce LED grow lights that are pretty much superior in every way when it comes to ease-of-use and results for growing cannabis.

I’m not saying the older LED technology is “bad”. When it comes to growing cannabis with LED grow lights, just about any LED model can get the job done. Even some of the lowest quality LED grow lights produce great bud. However, certain LED companies are designing their lights specifically for growing cannabis plants. These newer LED models tend to produce faster and healthier growth, better yields, denser buds, stronger smells, and even increased bud potency in some tests.

One company that used to offer some of the best low-budget LED options was ViparSpectra. ViparSpectra LED grow lights are cheap and produce good growth, yields, and buds when used properly. ViparSpectra also updates their models regularly to include popular new features, higher quality components, and improved spectrum. Yet they aren’t testing their grow lights on cannabis plants. As a result, their technology is falling behind other companies that are testing and developing the lights with actual cannabis growers.

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