10 Best Marijuana Growing Supplies

If you’re a first-time cannabis grower, check out our list featuring the 10 best marijuana growing supplies to maximize your yields. We’ll show you what equipment you need to start planting your cannabis seeds or clones. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, our guide lists all the tools you need to feed your marijuana plants with the right water and nutrients.

1. Cannabis Seeds or Clones

Seeds are the single most important part about growing healthy cannabis plants. A lackluster seed will produce lackluster results. A high-quality seed will grow resin-coated nugs under its optimal conditions. Of course, you can always skip the germination phase and purchase a clone from a licensed retailer, although there are considerations for growing these as well.

When sourcing seeds, your best bet is to buy them from a licensed retailer or a reputable seed bank with years or decades of experience and tons of customer positive reviews. Also, consider what type of strain you want. Seed banks may offer different categories based on your needs such as medical grade seeds, CBD seeds, fast growing seeds, short growing seeds, and many more unique categories.

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