Weed Home Grow Tips

As states continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational markets, more and more people are jumping into the cannabis industry, especially into growing weed at home. For newcomers, growing cannabis can get overwhelming quickly. Green growers who are wise will study the cannabis plant and its requirements to thrive in each growing phase before they begin their cannabis home grow. Like other plants, the cannabis plant requires plenty of water, light, nutrients, and a routine. If you are new to DIY weed growing, good news! Here are 5 tips for growing weed at home:

1. Set up a grow room.

Canna-growers need to choose a secure room to begin growing weed at home. The room should have enough ventilation and climate control measures for the plants to thrive. You should have the ability to control how much light is in the room at any time.

The room must have enough space to allow the plant to expand naturally without colliding with the walls or ceiling. This is the first and possibly most crucial step in setting up a cannabis home grow. If there are issues with temperature, light exposure, or space, the cannabis plants may suffer.

2. Pick a growing medium that works for you.

As a cannabis home grower, choosing a suitable growing medium for your crop is essential. Grow mediums can include setting up trays or putting plants in pots. You must also choose the proper soil for the particular strain of cannabis plants and provide everything the plants will need to start germinating and grow.

Cannabis plants perform best when planted in something that does not retain too much moisture after watering. For example, using sandy soil that stays drier will give you a better yield than clay soil that contains most of the moisture provided during the watering.

3. Cut back on fertilizer.

Another crucial cannabis home grow tip concerns the use of fertilizers. It’s a smart idea to cut back on nutrients once the plants reach the growing stage. This cutback may seem contrary to what has been published on the subject of plant cultivation.

Here’s the deal: cannabis takes minimal nutrients to survive. They need just enough nutrients to prevent vitamin deficiencies from developing — and they will take care of themselves! Excessive nutrients can cause “nutrient burn,” which begins at the tip of the leaves and will slowly start to spread if the condition goes untreated. Leaves with nutrient burn cannot create and store energy for the plant, which will lessen your yield — and no one wants that!

Another side effect of giving your cannabis plants too many nutrients is that they can have a noticeable chemical taste or smell, as well as a lower THC content. A good rule to follow is to give your plants about half the daily recommended amount of nutrients and only rev it up once your plants exhibit signs of nutrient deficiency.

4. Dry and cure the buds.

Number four on our list of tips for growing weed at home is no less important than the growing stage. To dry and cure freshly grown buds, the canna-grower will need to cut off any glossy buds and hang them in a cool place with little light. The plants should be hung upside down. Once they are dry, the plants are ready to be stored.

Drying the bud is only half of the work. There is even more moisture hidden inside those buds. This is when the curing process takes over. First, place the buds in dark containers and seal them shut! Then, only open the container once a day for about a minute to allow dry air to get in while moist air is expelled. And we’ve got the perfect curing container — the CVault. Not only does it cure the buds, it also it’s perfect for controlling humidity for longer periods. Which brings us to…

5. Find the perfect DIY weed growing storage solutions.

While plastic and glass have been common choices for cannabis storage in the past, the truth is they don’t provide the moisture-balancing environment that 304 steel does. Modern cannabis users want to store their cannabis home grow yields in a container that will not damage the buds or speed up the degradation process.

To be sure your cannabis is protected from heat, moisture, and other elements, the best choice is 304-grade stainless steel, like the revolutionary CVault (and EVault for extracts). CVault and EVault containers are premium-grade stainless steel and provide the optimal environment for proper cannabis and extract storage. But that’s not all. We’ve created some home grow kits to get your DIY weed growing started off right — no thinking required.

Got questions about the CVault or EVault? At Boveda, we love hearing from new customers and longtime fans! Contact us today. We are always here for you!

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