Top 10 Cannabis Extraction Equipment [2022]

Evaluation Criteria:


Sustainability is important to many in the marijuana and CBD community. Is the extraction equipment healthy for the environment? Are replacement parts damaging to the environment, or can they be recycled or reused for other purposes?

Ease of Use

Vendors should ensure their products are easy to use and offer the buyer as much information on the use of the product as possible. Documentation should be simple yet thorough and provide them with guidance on maintenance and repair.

Equipment Quality

Vendor should invest in ensuring that their offered equipment use quality materials, are constructed with care, and are designed by engineers that have ample experience in designing high quality and functional equipment.

Service Quality

The quality of service being offered by the vendor is also important. We recommend vendors that are willing to stand by their equipment, repair it, and help their buyers get the most out of the equipment they are offering.


Many invest in high quality equipment expecting a decrease in upkeep. We recommend providers that are able to offer equipment that isn’t expensive or requiring specialized knowledge for maintenance or to keep operational.