The Werc Shop Studies Cannabis Storage

The relative humidity of medical cannabis is important to maintain its potency and efficacy. CVault humidity control containers are designed to maintain the perfect humidity. Our containers work with or without Boveda humidity packs, but our patented two-way humidity pack holder secures a Boveda in place so as to avoid contact with the flower, thereby retaining more kief and terpenes and the amount of reducing shake. The CVault and the Boveda work together to control the humidity of your cannabis between 62-69%, depending on your preference. 

While we have always been confident in the CVault, we wanted to know with certainty just how effective our humidity control containers are, especially when combined with Boveda humidity packs. The results from the Werc Shop study speak for themselves, but here are some of the top benefits included in that evidence.

Less Waste, Better Yield

Waste directly eats into your profits. In a competitive industry like cannabis, more profits mean the ability to compete with other brands. It’s important to make sure you are taking every step possible to reduce anything that can impact your bottom line. This means reducing waste. Maintaining the humidity level of your cannabis at an ideal level is important but can be difficult to achieve when you’re working in a changing environment. Your cannabis can dry out and flake off, and you’ll lose product weight when the humidity isn’t just right — and that translates directly to lost profits.