The Bud Card

Customers and small businesses from around the U.S. are forming the foundation of The Bud Card Shop Small community and initiative. When we shop small, we actively pour back into our communities. Your purchases support small and scaling start-up business owners and their families. Making your dollar go further and our impact deeper. Join us in The Bud Card community as a member to join in our efforts to unite communities through small business.

Because #SmallBusinessCreatesCommunity

Where it all started

Like all great origin stories, the idea for The Bud Card started out as a scribble on a post-it note stuck to a mirror, where it lived for 3 years as a mere dream. In 2018 The Bud Card founder, Amanda Nash, was ready to take that post-it note off the mirror and make it a reality. At the heart and soul of this initiative, was her love for small business, a deep passion to support entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, and the drive to spread the news about these great brands to consumers everywhere.

Today, The Bud Card partners with small businesses and supporting organizations that all have the same goal; to create community through small business and thrive because of it.

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