Proper Cannabis Storage Dos and Don’ts

Gone are the good ol’ days of getting your weed from the dope man (or woman, to be fair) and keeping weed in the freezer. Today’s cannabis consumers can stop in a licensed dispensary and be greeted by a plethora of strains, terpene profiles and various cannabis products to choose from. With all the product possibilities available now, it becomes important to keep your weed products fresher, longer while learning how to store marijuana. To clear some of the confusion, check out the dos and don’ts of proper cannabis storage. 

Humidity, Humidity, Humidity. 

Managing the relative humidity, or RH, of your cannabis is the number 1 priority for proper cannabis storage. Why does humidity control play such an important role, you ask? Because it’s known to affect everything from taste to medicinal benefits for certain medical conditions. Basically, improper humidity can degrade your cannabis (keeping weed in the freezer can have similar negative consequences due to the humidity levels). When humidity levels are too low, the terpenes, cannabinoids and trichomes will degrade. It is commonly known that safe RH percentages range between 59% and 63%. Similarly, too much moisture can also ruin your cannabis. When the RH is too high (over 65%), mold and bacterias can easily grow in your cannabis. This is especially problematic for patients with conditions like HIV and cancer due to their already sensitive immune systems. To maintain safe RH levels, check out our 2-way humidity control Boveda packs. Combined with the stainless steel C-Vault and E-Vault, you can ensure proper cannabis storage and safe RH levels.

The Material of Your Storage Container Matters.

Yeah, yeah. We remember when the weed came standard in baggies. Not anymore, dear cannabis consumer. While plastic and glass have been common choices for cannabis storage in the past, the truth is that they don’t provide the moisture-balancing environment that 304 stainless steel does. Today’s cannabis users will want to store their weed in a container that doesn’t lend to the degradation process. To be certain your cannabis is protected from heat, moisture and other elements, the best choice is 304-grade stainless steel, like the revolutionary CVault and EVault. Freshstor containers are constructed of food-grade stainless steel and provide the optimal environment for proper cannabis storage.

The Darker the Better. 

Now that we have established that proper cannabis storage requires humidity control and moisture-balancing stainless steel storage containers, let’s discuss where to keep your weed! Whatever you do, don’t keep your weed in a bright, warm spot. This will quickly degrade your cannabis and ensure you lose both potency and taste. Instead, do remember that proper cannabis storage requires a cool, dark place. Just not the freezer. While one may think that the freezer is a safe place to store their weed, it actually leads to less potent weed.

Stay Away From Electronics

Another helpful weed storage hack is to keep it away from any electronic devices (including keeping weed in the freezer). We’ve already established why heat is bad for proper cannabis storage and electronics and standard kitchen appliances produce heat! To protect your weed, it’s best to store it in a cupboard away from any electronics. If you have small children in the home, make sure to add a lock. 

Between the increase in quality due to legalization and the rising cost of our favorite plant, many are flocking to the internet for the dos and don’ts of proper cannabis storage to learn how to store their marijuana. We hope to have answered your questions about proper cannabis storage. 

To Summarize How to Store Marijuana:


  • Ensure your RH is protected with a Boveda pack. 
  • Keep your cannabis in 304 stainless steel containers like the EVault and CVault.
  • Store your cannabis in a dark, cool place. 
  • Keep your stash away from electronics and other household appliances. 


  • Allow your cannabis to go outside of the 59% and 63% range.
  • Store your cannabis in a plastic or glass container. 
  • Keep weed in the freezer.
  • Store your weed near electrics that give off heat!

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