How to Keep Weed Fresh

Like everything else in life, weed simply cannot last forever. As your weed’s terpenes start to degrade due to improper storage, you’ll notice the potency and effects of the marijuana becoming less and less. Since the practice of seeing weed for sale in dispensaries under lights and in see-through containers is so prevalent today, it’s important to know exactly how to keep weed fresh for as long as possible.

Too much exposure to light is one of the main contributing factors to the death of your weed. This coupled with improper humidity levels, temperature levels, and lack of an airtight seal will all lead to the early death of your weed stash. If you’re a regular marijuana user, you’ll inevitably want to learn to keep your weed fresh. It’s not as intuitive as some people might think, marijuana loves dark and dank spaces, overexposure to sunlight and dry air can cause the marijuana to become dry and less potent very quickly.

How to Keep Weed Fresh for As Long as Possible

To truly protect your weed and keep it fresh, it’s important to understand the curing process that takes place during the cultivation of the weed. By knowing more about how weed is grown, cured and cultivated users can have a better understanding of how to take care of this flower. The curing process allows the moisture to be retained within weed buds, that way none of the cannabinoids, terpenes or THC potency is lost. After measuring the moisture content and it’s determined to be between approximately 6 to 9 percent, the weed is then placed in the retail packaging you typically find it in.

Your weed is sold in packaging where excess oxygen is mostly removed, and it’s important to maintain this mixture once the weed is in your home. Exposure to light, oxygen, moisture and temperature are all major catalysts for either terribly dry or moldy weed.

Keep Weed Out of The Light

Humidity levels, exposure to air and temperature aside, the element that has the most detrimental effect on your weed stash is light. In fact, scientists have known as early as 1976, that light is the single largest contributor to the loss of cannabinoids in weed. The prolonged exposure to light, oxygen, and high temperatures will gradually cause the elements of the weed including THC to convert itself into CBN, completely eliminating most of the psychoactive properties that the user prefers.

Essentially if your stash is stored at room temperature in the dark, you can expect the potency and terpene levels to remain stable and intact for at least 1 to 2 years. Ordinary kitchen containers are typically a poor choice because they lead to overexposure to oxygen, usually because users store a small amount of weed in a large container. Unwanted oxygen will convert cannabinoids as well as oxidize essential terpenes, which ultimately leads to less potency and a drastic change of smell towards more of a grassy field like a flower, and less of a prominent marijuana smell.

Optimal Temperatures

In order to keep weed optimally fresh, it needs to be stored at temperatures between 32° and 68°, any colder and the trichomes containing that precious THC can become brittle and easily rub or break off. Temperatures between 77° and 86° are not good for marijuana, and since these are close to room temperatures, many marijuana enthusiasts end up with dry weed faster than they planned on.

Humidity Levels

Additionally, in overly humid and warm environments, weed can start to grow mold. If this mold grows long enough without being recognized, the weed can actually become harmful to inhale, and detrimental to your well-being. Finally, light exposure is one of the biggest issues for most weed lovers. Even if you have a small stash, leaving it out on the coffee table can cause your weed to dry out overnight, and your stash will have lost a significant amount of THC potency.

Ideally, weed should always be stored in the dark and only brought out when it’s being prepared for use. If you keep these four factors in mind, temperature, humidity levels, light, and air exposure then you’ll absolutely be able to keep weed fresh. The problem is, without a specialized cannabis container like CVault, keeping weed fresh can become a shot in the dark, with many users choosing completely wrong containers for weed storage.

Don’t Store Weed In These

Plastic baggies, mason jars and ordinary kitchen containers are the primary culprits for poor weed storage. Not only do these weed containers allow too much exposure to light, but there’s also no humidity or temperature control due to the lack of a proper airtight seal.

One of the most common misconceptions is attempting to store weed in the fridge. On the surface this may sound like a good idea, storing a live flower in colder temperature in order to preserve its potency. However, in the case of weed, the cold temperatures actually cause a loss of THC potency, rather than having your weed stay fresh.

THC Potency Loss Over Time

A loss of terpenes and the conversion of THC into CBN is the main reason for the loss of effectiveness in weed. Even when stored effectively, marijuana loses 16% of its potency after the first year. After year two the marijuana has lost 26% of its THC levels, the third year its 34%, and after the fourth year almost 41% of the marijuana’s potency remains.

CVault Keeps Marijuana Fresh

Whether you’re a dispensary owner or a personal user, CVault has a variety of options for keeping your weed stash as fresh as possible.

CVault not only looks fresh but it also:

  • Revives old product
  • Offers 2 Way Humidity Control
  • Enhance Tastes
  • Improves Smoothness
  • Stores Product Longer
  • Great Secret Stash Container

By combining a secure storage container with Boveda humidity packs for complete humidity control, the perfect environment is born. Whether you’re curing or storing cannabis, CVault is one of the best solutions available for maintaining your cannabis at an ideal level. The constant availability of humidity means that your weed will never lose or gain too much moisture. With CVault your cannabis will be stored and maintained at its ideal moisture level, no matter its intended lifespan.

How to Keep Weed Fresh: Use CVault

This CVault Humidor Storage container is constructed of a premium food-grade stainless steel. Mostly airtight and impenetrable by light, this lightweight and durable humidor style container is exactly what you need to keep your tobacco, herbs, spices and food fresh.

Our container design secures your cannabis:

  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Humidity Pack holder is specifically designed to hold your Boveda.

One of the other major benefits to CVault is its stack-ability. CVault is both stackable and easy to store: multiple sizes are easy to store and can be contained within one another for storage. Our latch design is industrially engineered to provide an airtight seal to lock in product freshness no matter what you put in your CVault.