Cannabis Grow Tent Features

You will often find the FreshStor team at cannabis-related trade shows across the United States and Canada. Not only does FreshStor love meeting customers face-to-face, they are also there to learn about the latest in cannabis technology, cultivation methods, smoke accessories and more! With continued legalization and an increasing number of states allowing home grows, more people are turning to cannabis grow tents, especially in urban areas. FreshStor recently explored a variety of grow tent features and methods for a grow tent setup to determine what sets the best grow tents above the rest.

Why are cannabis grow tents popular?

Grow tents are popular because they are an affordable, efficient and easy way to grow cannabis plants indoors. Even amateurs can manage a grow tent up setup with relatively little time, expertise and financial investment. Tents require less space than other methods of growing and can be more easily hidden. Some tents look no different from a fabric closet used for storage. If you look closely, these closets have wires and glowing windows, but when everything is zipped tight, they are extremely discreet. And they can produce recreational and medicinal grade cannabis flower for smoking or to be extracted.

What are the best grow tent features?

As with any product, the best grow tents are made well with quality materials to ensure strength and durability. There are several grow tent manufacturers, and most often customers get what they pay for when it comes to grow tent features. Look for strength in all aspects of a grow tent, not just the material on the exterior. Look for sturdy zippers that will hold up to frequent use. Thick fabric with strong seams will truly keep out light when the plants require complete darkness. Consensus says that metal poles stand the test of time much better than plastic. Remember you are hanging a lot of heavy equipment from the hardware in these tents. A well-made structure can house a personal farm for many years if treated well. Most recommend investing a little extra to get something built to last.

What makes the best grow tents?

When it comes to size, don’t go overboard. The main attraction of the grow tent is its tiny footprint. It’s important to get the right size for your needs, so think about the specifics of your space and the desired result. Consider how many plants will be growing — leave a little room for growth as well as equipment.

One of the most inviting features of grow tents is that you don’t need to waste money creating ideal conditions in spaces you are not using to grow plants. Only get the size you need to maximize the benefits of your cannabis grow tent setup. That being said, many growers find they need more vertical space than they anticipated. Your harvest will likely (eventually) be fruitful. Plan for your plants to mature.

Great ventilation is the most difficult element of the grow tent setup, but once you figure it out, steady airflow is on autopilot for the entire growth cycle. Growers love these tents because with the right filters and fans in place, plants get a steady stream of fresh, clean air. The constant movement pushes the heavy cannabis plant smell through carbon filters that obliterate the tell-tale sign someone is growing cannabis. A proper ventilation system provides ideal conditions for growth and helps keep the air at the preferred temperature. Unlike growing outdoors, indoor tents allow the grower a ton of control over conditions, so they can respond in real time to what each plant demands. Tents are wonderful for helping farmers zero in on the quality of each plant. Watch YouTube videos to see how other growers have handled ventilation in their tents, but keep in mind that every situation is unique depending on circumstances and location.

Tents save a ton of power by bringing just about every big-time cannabis growing innovation to small-scale farmers at an affordable price. Tents are lined with mylar to maximize the heat and light distribution from floor to ceiling. They require smaller than usual lights, heaters and fans so the investment to get started is much lower than with traditional growing techniques. The days of growing cannabis in a home garden are becoming a reality for many with the increasing popularity of grow tent kits.

What is the grow tent setup like?

Modern grow tent setups are a wonderful way to micro-farm your own cannabis. From the outside, a grow tent is simply a dark fabric cube with zippers. They are usually around 3-4 feet wide and six feet high. The entire inside of the tent is covered in reflective mylar to maximize artificial light.

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