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Are you a home grower of cannabis? Have you ever had success cultivating some beautiful buds DIY? We are looking for cannabis home growers to submit content.

Our website would love to hear from you! is seeking home growers of every skill level to share tips and tricks that have worked. We are accepting videos, articles, grow guides, genetics reviews, and everything else from the home grow universe. The intention is to lean into the amazing knowledge base we are so lucky to be a part of, and help spread it amongst the cannabis community. For example, if you have something that worked for you, and you think would be beneficial for others, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Contrary to the name of this website, we are NOT limiting content to curing cannabis. We want to share knowledge on anything to do with cannabis; growing, curing, storing, nutrients, lighting, living soil, genetics, external factors, pest management, harvest results, and everything else related to this flower that we all know and LOVE! Even if you come across something in your internet travels that you think we should share SUBMIT IT! Our ultimate goal is to be an crowd sourced educational resource for home grower BY HOME GROWERS!

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If you have any questions, or if you would like to submit content, please reach out! Looking forward to hearing from all you amazing folks out there, let’s grow together! Love and good vibes.