10 Best Cannabis Documentaries

There’s a scene in the movie Half-Baked that we love — well, that’s an understatement! But anyway, it’s the one where they’re describing the different types of stoners including Jon Stewart who plays what they call “an enhancement smoker.” You know, a person who thinks marijuana makes every activity better. (Don’t we all?!) So…have you ever watched a great documentary? OK, but have you ever watched a great documentary…on weed? And I don’t just mean have you watched a documentary high (which is awesome BTW), but have you ever watched a great cannabis documentary? Or, here’s an idea that might just blow your mind — have you ever watched a great documentary about weed on weed?! BOOM!

We present to you some of the best weed documentaries out there. Smoke up, sit back and check out our favorite marijuana documentaries worth watching, in no particular order…

The Top 10 Best Weed Documentaries Worth Watching

  1. The Culture High

This 2014 weed documentary has won all sorts of awards and is chock full of celebrity interviews with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Joe Rogan, Richard Branson, Wiz Khalifa, Ed Burns and so many more. It dissects the prohibitionist stance when it comes to the wonder plant and shows the history of cannabis, the legislation against it, and how and why they got it all wrong. Check out the The Culture High trailer here and watch it on Amazon.

  1. Weed the People

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